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The JM1S is an ultra-efficient sensorless permanent magnet synchronous motor that provides a high torque at low speeds, while retaining a high power density. The light weight design makes it perfect for applications including electric airplanes, helicopters, and UAVs.

Optimized for low weight, high power density applications, Joby Motors offerings consist of superior quality bearings with over 1,000 hours of reliability testing completed. High-strength Neodymium magnets ensure a long operating life with optimum performance, low weight, and high reliability.

The thickness and height of the anodized aluminum cooling fins have been optimized to provide high cooling rates while minimizing weight and drag, a critical factor in electric aircraft.

The JM1S can be used with the RLS RM22 magnetic encoder for position sensing.

Windings available with voltages from 50 to 500V


JM1S Mounting dimensions Download a PDF version of this drawing

Winding Info

WindingKvBus Voltage
3T Delta17540-50
2T Wye16045-55
4T Delta12060-70
3T Wye10070-90
4T Wye75100-120
13T Wye25300-350
18T Wye18400-500

rpm/V at nominal load and rpm will be about 80% of listed kV

Test Data:

WindingPropellerVoltageLipo Cells (equiv.)Power In (kW)RPMThrust (kgf)
3T DeltaJC 26x125014s10.9700034
2T WyeJC 26x125014s8.0650030
2T WyeHK 27x105014s8.0650030
2T WyeXoar 30x105014s10.5610042
4T DeltaXoar 32x125014s8.6510034

JM1S Front


JM1S Mounting dimensions JM1S Mounting dimensions